Individually Handcrafted Art Glass Windows  Bring light into your home - with our patterned or obscured glass windows 

Perhaps you have a giant feature window on a landing that deserves its own special treatment? Or has a previous extension meant that you are left with an awkward internal window where you want to get light through but you need to preserve privacy? Perhaps your home has got a name that you would like to reflect in a glazing panel by the front door?  
All these issues can be solved by one of our bespoke individually handcrafted decorative windows. Stained glass windows are no longer the only option when it comes to interesting and beautiful windows. We can make you a patterned internal or external window to the design of your choice. You are no longer limited to the few designs available in a catalogue - we can make the window you want. Your window can be filled with vibrant colour, or totally colour free. Large panels of vivid pattern can be made to make a real feature of certain areas of your home. Or obscure glass windows can be created for you, to let light in while keeping privacy or to hide an unpleasant view.  
Each customer is different. So we offer different products. We can make you simply the glass pane, ready to be put into a timber frame by your own glazier. Or, if you prefer, we work with a local glazier to produce fully made up double glazed units to your requirements. 
With our art glass decorative windows we can create just what you want.  
✔ Obscured Glass Windows 
✔ Internal Windows 
✔ External Windows 
✔ Double-Glazed Windows 
✔ Beskope window panels supplied for your builder to fit into timber frames on site 
✔ Feature Windows 
✔ Art Glass Windows 
✔ Decorative Glass Windows 
✔ Vivid and beautiful patterns that will never fade 
Find out how to "Design your Own" bespoke window here: 
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