HIDDEN PAGE - Fused Glass Splashbacks   Design your own bespoke art glass splashback or buy one of our original art glass designs 

Inject a dash of personality into your kitchen or bathroom with one of our vibrant, high gloss splashbacks. Our splashbacks are unique, beautiful and easy to clean. 
Tougher than it looks, your new splashback can be sited behind hobs, along walls and above sinks and basins. Anywhere that gets splashed regularly with water and stains is an ideal spot. 
You can either: 
Design your own splashback  
Because we work with you to design your own bespoke art glass splashbac, you will have your own special personal piece of art in your kitchen. Using specialist glass, enamels and equipment we will create a glamorous splashback tailormade for you. We work with you to find the right budget, size, subject and colour palette. Click here to find out about designing your own splashback. 
Choose one of our off-the-shelf splashbacks 
Click on a link below to see a selection of our splashbacks - these can be created for you as they are, or you can modify sizes and colours to suit your own individual style. 

Kitchen Splashbacks 

Bathroom Splashbacks 

What our customer have said: 

"Cant stop looking at our splashback!! Its just fabulous." 
"OMG!!!!! We are so in love –they are so beautiful!!!! Thank you so much! I want to order more already!!" 
"I love my splashback. It's so beautiful. Thank you!" 
Peacock Feather Splashback 
Many people like to inject fun and vitality into their kitchen by adding a bold splash of colour to an otherwise all white palette.  
This splashbackshows the range of jewel like colours available when commissioning a piece from SkyWater Glass. The fluid shapes wash together to create an bold focal point.  
If you would to find out how to get a splashback like this just contact us here or ring us for a chat. 
Swimming Fish Splashback 
Equally lovely in a kitchen or a bathroom, this muted splashback features a shoal of fish swimming through an ocean of bubbles.  
Made to whatever size and shape you choose, this versatile design is simple and restrained, an easy to live with option. 
Bronze, blue, green or clear bubble styles are all available.  
Chat through your ideas with us and we can make sure you get exactly what you like - you may prefer no fish oran arc of bubbles, just let us know.  
A very cost effective option. 
Embossed Flowers Splashback  
Any shape or design can be incorporated into this elegant splashback.  
The restrained, simple lines are introduced into the glass whilst it is being fired in a glass fusing kiln, making a permanent picture embossed on the glass that you will love for years to come. 
The splashback shown also incorporates some optional metal foil adding sophistication and depth to the piece.  
Contact us here to find out more about these very cost-effective splashbacks. 

Some SkyWater Glass Splashback Commissions: 

This splashback was made for Carl and Jo in Birmingham, who wanted a grey backround with teal and purple accents to compliment their existing kitchen decoration. The splashback is roughly 1 meter square, and features a striking handcut copper foil design and individually handcut decoration in various colours, including dichroic glass which changes from green to purple depending on the angle it is viewed from. Jo said "Cant stop looking at our splashback!! Its just fabulous." 
After seeing one of our Moon Lightboxes, Jessica asked for the same design for her splashback only bigger! Inspired by contemporary artist Michael Cullimore, these moon designs feature enclosed boxes signifying time and space. This splashback is slightly smaller than 1 meter square and features tiny dichroic stars scattered throughout. 
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